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Flint River can mean many things, but it most commonly refers to the Flint River Ranch Dog Food company, or Flint River Food, a privately held firm based near Atlanta, Georgia, that gets its name from state's Flint River.

Flint River Ranch (FRR) manufactures a line of specialty all natural oven-baked healthy pet foods and treats for dogs and cats Flint River Ranch that includes reduced-grain and wheat-free Lamb and Rice dog food, Trout and Potato ("Fish & Chips") dog food, Nugget dog food, DryWater Dog Food, Duck and Potato dog food, Senior Lite and Senior PLUS dog foods, Lite cat food, Hairball Control cat food formulas, as well as Signature Brand Original healthy dog food and cat food formulas.

The Flint River Ranch company is best known for its "direct to your door" delivery of pet foods, its use of ingredients grown only in the United States and New Zealand (the lamb in its Lamb and Rice dog foods), and the fact that it has never had any of its cat foods or dog foods recalled. These aspects helped the company gain recognition and widespread support in the wake of the international pet food recalls in 2007 due to melamine contamination.

Flint River Ranch The company is also recognized for several of its dog food formulas serving as ideal healthy dog food diets for dogs and puppies prone to food-related allergies. Many dogs are allergic to dog food ingredients such as corn, wheat, eggs, chicken, and soy, and Flint River Ranch offers at least two reduced-grain dog food formulas (Lamb & Rice and Fish & Chips) that are free of all five of these ingredients.

Today Flint River Ranch operates from its headquarters at 245 Hembree Park Dr, Suite 110, Roswell GA 30076, and delivers its foods via UPS from more than fifteen distribution facilities located across the country to residents in all areas of the United States.

Flint River Ranch competes in the holistic and all natural pet foods category with the likes of Orijen, Wysong, Innova and Evo from Natura Pet Foods (now part of Procter & Gamble's pet food line, along with Iams and Eukanuba), Wellness, Artemis, Blue Wilderness, and Blue Buffalo dog foods. Flint River Ranch sells its "super premium" dog foods and cat foods both directly and through independent distributors, similar to companies like Life's Abundance pet foods.

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